On the behavior of Au and Pb-Sn metal grains subjected to heat: A variable temperature laser light scattering microscopy study

Author(s): P.Sita Rama Rao, P.B.V.Prasad (deceased), P.B.Shashikanth

Detailed investigations were carried out on sub-millimeter sized metal (Au) and alloy (Pb-Sn) grains by employing VTLLSMtechnique. The studiesweremade in an extended temperature range (ambient to 200ºC), at different heating rates. Observations were also made, while keeping the temperature constant at elevated levels. Changes noticed in the areas of facets of grains are interpreted as due to growth of new facets. Re-crystallization at substantially lower temperatures and the possible influence of defects are considered.Modifications noticed inAu grains are compared with Pb-Sn grains.

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