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Observation of Acoustic Impedance of Solid and Reflected Angles to Porous Ti-Mn Alloys Via Analysis Description by Scanning Acoustic Modes

Author(s): Yahya Al-Sayad, Abdellaziz Doghmane and Zahia Hadjoub

Ti-Mn alloy with crystal structure having a Poisson’s ratio of 0.33 and density around (4730) gcm-3, Ti-Mn alloy was prepared by mechanical alloying for many applications. In the present study, effect of porous Ti and TixMn (with x=5) alloy with different porosities (21%, 40.53% and 56%) were applied. It was found that as the porous TixMn alloys increases from (21% to 56%) with increasing Acoustic parameter values of propagating of solid Acoustic impedance (ZL, ZT, Z Solid) and longitudinal, transverse and Rayleigh reflected angles (ƟL, ƟT, ƟR) are as follows : ZL (3311-4029) MrayI, ZT (1668-2030) MrayI, ZSolid (35-51.83) MrayI and ƟL (13.16 19.19 dag., ƟT (34.3-50.8)dag., ƟR (38.77-41.63) dag respectively, using some acceptable physical approximations were used. ZT impedance and ZL impedance dependence on porosities of material studied, behavior cases showed due to different propagating wave modes in the surface, features at some critical angles at which longitudinal, shear and Rayleigh modes are generated. Such change influence Acoustic impedance on porous Ti-Mn alloys Acoustic signature.

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