New Schiff’s bases as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in HCl medium

Author(s): T.V.Venkatesha, K.V.Srinath, B.M.Praveen

Corrosion inhibition effect of newly synthesized schiff’s bases Formaldehydemethylene hydrazone, (FMH),N-N-Dibenzylidene hydrazine, (NDBH), 4- (Dimethylamino) benzaldehyde {(1E) - [4-(Dimethy amino) methylene} hydrazone, (DMBH), and 2-furaldehyde [(1E)-2-furylmethylene] hydrazone, (FFMH) on mild steel in 2N HCl acid medium, were investigated through weight loss and galvano static polarization techniques. Effect of concentration and effect of time of immersion on corrosion inhibition efficiencywere part of the investigation. The inhibiting performances of all the compounds were found to increase with the increase in concentration. The SEMimages of protected steel samples with compounds were recorded for morphological assessment.

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