New design of hairpin-koch fractal filter for suppression of spurious band

Author(s): Amer Basim Shaalan1, Nadir Fadhil Habubi2*, Sami Salman Chiad2, Ziad Abdulahad Toma2

The use of fractal geometries has significantly impacted many areas of science and engineering; one ofwhich ismicrowave filters.Microstrip filters have been widely used in a variety of microwave circuits and systems, it has received much attention because of the advantages such as compact and simple structures, small sizes, easy fabrication and low cost, etc., and all these features are the requirement of thewireless communication systems. The design of a hairpin-Koch filter has been proposed. This filter exhibits a periodic frequency response. The spurious bands are being suppressed significantly through the implementation ofKoch fractal on the micro strip coupled line.

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