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Nature of Elementary Energy Carriers

Author(s): EN Suleimenov, BT Utelba√?¬?ev and AB Utelba√?¬?eva

The property of matter is characterized by mass expressing its measure of inertia, and energy-the measure of motion and structural-energy c correspondence in the system are in equilibrium with the environment. Violation of this stationary state of the system by external influence causes the occurrence of physical and chemical processes in it, which are accompanied by energy manifestations in the form of release (absorption) of heat, light, electricity, magnetism, etc. These phenomena characterize the movements of material substances. Clarification of their nature is interest for a deep understanding of the mechanism of energy transfer between material objects. According to the universal law of conservation of matter and the conversion of energy, we can unequivocally conclude that the material nature of energy carriers must remain unchanged. That is, as a result of the process in the system, elementary particles provide the manifestation of thermal, light, electric, magnetic and other forms of energy transfer. The presence of an elementary “electromagnetic particle” in the atomic-molecular structure of substances characterizes “energy”.

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