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Morphological, optical and structural studies of deposited ZnO films by silar method for solar energy applications

Author(s): Adrian Ohwofosirai, Emagbetere Johnbull, Egbele Regina Orhorhomu, David Matthew Femi, Idehen Fredrick Lucky

The deposited ZnO films were grown on glass substrates using the Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction. Themorphology of the deposited ZnO is that of flower-like bud.The optical propertieswere characterized using UV/VIS spectroscopy, the optical band gap decreases with increasing reaction time, and these films have band gap values of 3.19eV, 3.22eV, 3.24eV and 3.25eV. The crystal structure of the films were also characterized using the X-RayDiffraction spectroscopy, Prominent among themare the peaks at 2è values of around 32.50, 35.90 and 38.50 corresponding to the diffraction lines produced by (100), (002) and (103) planes respectively.

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