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Molybdenum recovery from molybdenum waste catalyst: Modeling of alkaline leaching

Author(s): Seham Nagib, R.S.Abdelhameed

Dissolution of molybdenum from molybdenum waste catalyst (MWC) that contain wt %: 42.79 Mo, 9.54 Fe, 4.9Al, 8.68 SiO2, 6 Na, and 1.5 Cr using different leaching agents such as H2SO4, HCl, and NaOH was carried out. It was found that, NaOH is the best leaching agent because it has the highest Mo recovery in combined with the lower Fe andAl dissolution than the HCl. Factorial design of experiments and application of statistical analysis on the results of leaching studies using NaOH were carried out. A regression equation for the dissolution of Mo was developed as a function of NaOH stoichiometric (S), L/S ratio (C,ml/g), and temperature (T, oC).All parameters were varied at two levels for designing experiments to estimate error.

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