Microwave assisted synthesis and characterization of new organosoluble and thermally stable poly (thioether-amide)s bearing aminothiophenol and xylyl units in the main chain

Author(s): EsmaelRostami, Akram Khodadadi, Zahra Heidari, Zahra Keshavarz, Mahmood Feraidooni, Maryam Bagherzadeh, Zahra Abshirini, Masume Zangooei

Newpolyamides containing aminothiophenol, xylyl and thioether units were prepared under microwave irradiation and their solubility, thermal behavior, viscosity and surfacemorphologywere evaluated. The viscosities of polyamides are in the range of 0.39-0.49 and glass transition temperatures (Tg) are in the range of 245-276°C. Decomposition temperatures of 10%weight loss T (10) rangingfrom133 to 274 °C,also, the temperature of 50% weight loss T (50) are in the range of 291-318 °C and char yields ranging from 5 to 17% at 540 °C. These polyamides showed good solubility in common organic solvents. Surface morphology of these polymers showed amorphous andmicrosphere structure.

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