Microstructure, indentation creep and mechanical properties of Sn-Sb rapidly solidified alloys

Author(s): A.El-Bediwi, K.M.Ismail, M.Kamal

Microstructure, creep behavior, elastic modulus and internal friction of Sn100-x–Sbx (X=2.2, 10 and 50 wt.%) rapidly solidified alloys have been investigated. Creep behavior of Sn- Sb alloys was studied by long time Vickers indentation testing at room temperature. Stress exponent value of Sn- Sb alloys were determined using Mulheam–Tabor method. Exponents values of Sn- Sb alloys in the range of 5.48–12.57 which in good agreement with the values of Sn based alloys reported in the literature. Elastic modulus of Sn100-x–Sbx (X=2.2, 10 and 50 wt.%) rapidly solidified bearing solder alloys increased but internal friction decreased with Sb content increased.

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