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Mechanical properties of photosensitive AgInS2 sprayed thin films annealed under various atmospheres and temperatures

Author(s): D.Gherouel, K.Boubaker, M.Amlouk

This work aims to investigate the influence of heat treatment of photosensitive AgInS2 sprayed thin films on the mechanical and structural properties.AgInS2 ternary material has several important properties (Bandgap, electric resistivity, transmission–reflection spectra...) that guide it’s to choice as an absorber in solar cells domain[1,2]. Hardness measurements have been carried out to determine the Vickers hardness of these films. The results revealed that annealing treatment enhances drastically the mechanical resistance to frontal penetrating solicitation (Hv hardness) may be due to the partial crystallization and phase transformations modified the microstructure of the based glassy material. The maximum gain was measured for samples treated at 400°C, having a hardness of 8.31GPa. However, when the annealing temperature was upper than 450°C the hardness is decreased may due to bulk defaults in the structure of the films which it is confirmed by XRD and AFM investigations.

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