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Mechanical properties characterization of a modified HP-type heat-resistant alloy

Author(s): Dequn Kong, Xuncheng Zhang

The present research has designed a new HP-type heat-resistant alloy modified by adding niobium, cobalt and tungsten, reducing carbon, manganese, silicon and iron, and increasingmolybdenum, and investigated the mechanical properties by means of metallurgical microscopy, Brinell hardness test, scanning electron microscopy, tensile test, impact test and creep-rupture strength test. The results show that the modified alloy has a fine microstructure consisting of an austenitic matrix with finely dispersed carbides, and an optimized combination of tensile strength (705 MPa), ductility, impact energy (53 J), and hardness (205 HRB) at roomtemperature and creep-rupture strength at elevated temperatures, attributed to the exceptionally fine scale of the austenitic microstructure and the associated tinny carbides.

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