Mechanical Extraction and Fuel Properties Evaluation of Hura crepitans Seed Oil

Author(s): Otoikhian SK, Aluyor EO and Audu TOK

Hura crepitans seeds (HCS) from H. crepitans tree were collected and extracted by mechanical screw press at a constant pressure of 25 N/m2. A study in terms of proximate, elemental and fatty acid contents of the oil was investigated using standard analytical techniques. The results were as follows acid value 8.49 mg·KOH/g, flash point 249°C, cloud point 11°C, pour point -6°C, density 919.38 kg/m3, kinematic viscosity 59.88 Cst, Sulphur 0.0174%, water and residue 2.686%, brownish colouration, free fatty acid 4.15%, iodine value 164.34 g/100, saponification value 236.12 mg·KOH/g, free glycerin 0.614%, total glycerin 8.253% and percentage oil yield 38.40%. The results of the fuel properties reveal its potential viability as biodiesel feedstock.

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