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Magnetic field dynamics of thermo-emf generation in the high temperature range

Author(s): Jaspal Singh, S.S.Verma

This paper presents some results of experimental research addressing the influence of magnetic field dynamics on the Seebeck effect (i.e., performance) of some selected classical thermocouples namely: Cu-Fe, Feconstantan, constantan-nichrome, Fe-nichrome and Cu-nichrome. Thermocouples were selected on the basis of their esay availability and low cost with an aim of their (thermocouples) suitability towards the conversion of waste heat into electricity, i.e. as generator thermoelements. Effect ofmagnetic field dynamics of thermo-emf generationwas investigated in the temperature range from300C to 3500C. The generation of thermo-emf for these thermocoupleswas studied at different values of applied magnetic field for its three (i.e., parallel, anti-parallel and perpendicular) orientations w.r.t. thermocouple. Themagnetic field dependence of the Seebeck voltage was found to be large. Results show not only the significant increase in the thermoemf generation in case of all these thermocouples but also indicate greater stability of thermoemf generation with temperature variation. Thus, highlighting the importance of presence of magnetic field not only in terms of increasing the thermoemf generation and stability, but also towards the need of accuracy concern about the thermocouple response in temperature measurements.

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