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Luminescent properties of rare Earth ions in M2B5O9Cl: RE (M=Ca, Sr, Ba; RE= (Eu, Tb))

Author(s): Mo Fengshan, Liu Xiaotang, Shi Chunshan

The luminescent properties as well as the influences of the matrix composition and other doping ions on the luminescence of the rare earth ions of the co-doped phosphorsM2B5O9Cl:RE(M=Ca, Sr, Ba;RE=(Eu, Tb))were investigated. The coexistence of Eu3+, Eu2+and Tb3+ were observed in these matrices. The phenomenon may be explained by the electron transfer theory. The intensity of Eu2+ emission increases under 365nm excitation and decreases under 254nmexcitation with increasing the Tb3+ concentration. The competition between electron transfer and energy migration might be the reason for the observation.

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