Kinetic studies,modeling, synthesis and application of highly performance silicates-based nano-surface catalysts as anti-pollutant material

Author(s): Khaled M.Elsabawy

The nano-molecular sieving silicates based catalyst was designated and visualized using computerized programs GERMANY. The theoretical investigationswas succeeded to designHexa-Alumo-Silicateswith chemical formula Na6Al6Si10O32 which has two different sizes of cavities to apply as nano-molecular sieving materials. The synthesized molecular sieving was carefully characterized via XRD and SEMto prove the internal structure of the new molecular sieving material. A kinetic studies were investigated carefully of two types pesticides degradation. H2O2 loaded over molecular sievingmaterials ( Na6Al6Si10O32 )was applied as oxidative environmentally friend agent to decompose organic pollutant. The nano-synthesized molecular sieving exhibited very good efficiency towards captures of organic pollutant from industrial water drains such as atrazine herbicides and carbaryl insecticides in presence of hydrogen peroxide.Many of the kinetic parameters were investigated in this article, results obtained indicated that, the rate of oxidative degradation of pesticides (atrazine herbicides and carbaryl insecticides) were found to be pH-dependent. The mechanism was proposed and the activation parameters were calculated.

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