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Javaoptics simulations: Open-source physics (OSP) library for teaching (or Learning) thin-film optics

Author(s): Hayfa G.Rahid, Alaa N.Abd Al-Gaffar, Nadir F.Habubi

To illustrate and broaden knowledge on some aspects of physics at teaching level, that is, university level and higher level, Javaoptics applets was adopted as free software under a GNU General Public License, an open-source license. This applet was used to shows multiple beaminterferences froma parallel dielectric thin filmand to study the evolution of reflection (or transmission)at normal and oblique incidence of light. Further, the reflection and refraction factors when the index of refraction (may be constant or have a wavelength dependency)and the absorption of the film and the substrate are modified. It was shown that resources can be used as an ordinary course to support material and as the main working tool in an on-line Internet course.

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