Influence of the carbon content and of a plastic deformation on the corrosion behaviour of cast carbon steels. Part 2: Electrochemical measurements for specifying the corrosion in a sulphuric solution

Author(s): Manale Belhabib, Patrice Berthod

In this second part the carbon steels Fe-xC (x varying from0 to 1.6 wt.%C) were tested in corrosion in their not deformed state and in their plastically deformed states. This was done in a simple molar sulphuric solution promoting the active state, using a three-electrode cell and a potentiostat. The experiments which were carried on, follow–up of the free potential, linear polarization for obtaining polarization resistance versus time, the Tafel run, led to resultswhich globally showthat an increased carbon content tends improving the corrosion behaviours while this one tends to be aggravated by plastic deformation

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Table of Contents

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