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Influence of maleic anhydride-methacrylic acid copolymer on calcium scales cyrstallinity and morphology

Author(s): Shakkthivel Piraman, Ramalakshmi Shakkthivel

The formation of calciumcarbonate and calciumsulphate scales in cooling water wasmitigated by adding poly(maleicanhydride-co-methacrylic acid) polymer.Maleic anhydride- methacrylic acid copolymer (Man-MAA) was synthesized by adopting bulk polymerization procedure. The synthesized Man-MAA copolymer was characterized through Ultraviolet-visible (Uvvisible) spectroscopy and Fourier transformation Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy methods. The viscosity of the polymer was only 1.1CPS, which is more responsible for the antiscaling property of the polymers. Antiscaling performance of this polymer was evaluated by performing chemical screeing test, constant potential electrolysis and electrochemical impedance techniques. The addition ofMan-MAA polymer is not altered the crystal structure of the either CaCO3 or CaSO4 crystals, it affects only the crystal growth and thus much reduced size was the result, which is evident from the SEM andXRD results. TheMan-MAApolymer has offered very good antiscaling property in both of the brines.

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