Influence of gamma irradiation on the superconductin properties of Tl0.72Cd0.28Ba2Ca2Cu3O9-ä ceramic

Author(s): Kareem Ali Jasim, Mohammed Abdul-Nebi, Sawsan Abdul Hussein Mahdi, Tariq J.Alwan

We have studied the influence of gamma irradiation on the superconducting behavior of the Tl0.72Cd0.28Ba2Ca2Cu3O9-ä compound. Bulk polycrystalline samples have been prepared by the solid state reaction process. Superconducting properties and x-ray diffraction (XRD) have studied before and after gamma irradiation. X-ray diffraction analysis showed that Tl0.72Cd0.28Ba2Ca2Cu3O9-ä compound has tetragonal structure correspond to the high-Tc phase (1223) and low- Tc phase(1212) with decreasing of the caxis lattice constant, the mass density, the ratio c/a and volume fraction VPh (1223) by increasing the dose of gamma irradiation. The electrical resistivity, by using the four probe technique, have showed decreasing the transition temperature Tc(off)and Tc(on) from118 to 114 Kand 131 to 130.5K, respectively due to increasing irradiation dose.

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