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Influence of electric field dynamics on the generation of thermo emf by some advanced thermocouples in the high temperature range

Author(s): Jaspal Singh, S.S.Verma

This research work reports about the energy conversion characteristics of advanced thermoelectric materials like Platinum, Rhodium, Constantan, Chromel andAlumel (of types B, E, R, K and S) in the influence of applied electric field dynamics. These kinds of the materials are generally taken as the temperature measuring tools in the critical molten states of certain materials and other high temperature conditions. But here, their response only to Seebeck effect is analyzed as the functioning of thermo generator elements. This is an approach of their use in those conditions where the waste heat is available alongwith the electric fields. The generation of thermo emf is investigated in the normalmode to the temperature range of 3300Cand then compared with their similar performances under the effect of applied electric field in various orientations (parallel & perpendicular) for different magnitudes at the same temperature range.

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