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Indegenous material for prosthetic limb’s side clamp analysis

Author(s): D.Lingaraju, K.Ramji, U.Rajya Lakshmi

Various mobile devices can be used for amputees who lose a limb due to congenital defects or bone deformities. Prosthetics is the rapidly changing field involving orthopedic supports and artificial limbs. The prosthetic limb resembles a human leg in function and appearance. In recent years computers have been used to help fit amputees with prosthetic limbs. Prosthetic facilities use Computer Aided Design of modeling the patient’s arm or leg. For the design to be optimal, it should have less weight at optimal strength. Hence the materials with high strength that can be used for manufacture of various parts of a prosthetic limb are also studied in this paper.Various parts of the prosthetic limb are designed and assembled. The design and development of a side clamp has been studied and its deflections when forces applied are considered. Materials for different parts of the prosthetic limb are studied. The analysis of a side clamp used in the design of a prosthetic limb is undertaken and an optimal design for the side clamp is proposed. Aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy and composite materials like glass epoxy and boron epoxy are considered for analysis. The design and analysis is done using CATIA.

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