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In vitro studies on guar gumbased colon targeted delivery of aceclofenac

Author(s): S.K.Umadevi, P.K.Lakshmi, N.Narayanan, Zechariah Jebakumar, N.Harikrishnan, D.D.Rupesh, V.Vaijayanthi, Pichandy Muthuprasanna

In the present work, colon targetedmatrix tablets of aceclofenac and natural polysaccharide-guar gum was prepared to synchronize the morning stiffness of autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis. In colon specific drug delivery, the use of biodegradable polymer holds great promise. Four formulae namely GG1, GG2, GG3, GG4 were prepared by wet granulation method, keeping the drug concentration constant but varying the polymer concentrations to 36%, 44%, 52%, and 60% w/w with drug respectively. In vitro drug release studies of punched tabletswere conducted in 3 differentmedia, 0.1NHCl (stomach pH), pH7.4 buffer (simulated intestinal fluid) and pH7.4 buffer with 4%w/v rat cecal contents (simulated colonic fluid). The GG3 and the GG4 batcheswere releasing less than 50%of drug in the simulated intestinal fluid and in colonic fluid the release was up to 93% (GG3) and 83% (GG4). Therefore, the GG3 batch containing 52%guar gumwas considered suitable for colon targeting. The optimized batch was given enteric coating with 5% w/v cellulose acetate phthalate in isopropyl alcohol to prevent the drug release in the intestine.

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