Impregnation And Characterisation Of Semiconductor CdS Nanoparticles In Mesoporous SBA-15

Author(s): N.Dai, Y.Luo, J.C.Zhang, J.Bao, Y.Shen and G.J.Hu

Semiconductor CdS nanoparticles have been grown inside the channels of mesoporous SBA-15 through a two-step impregnation technique at room temperature. SBA-15 is as host, while Cd(Ac)2 and thiourea (including thiol group) as Cd and S source into the channels of SBA-15. XRD reveals that the size of the CdS particles are in nanometer-scale. Highresolution transmission electron microscopy reveals that the CdS nanoparticles are dispersed inside the channels of mesoporous SBA-15 and the nanoparticles have a size of about 3 nm. A blue shift is observed in UV–Vis absorption spectrum. Quantum confinement effect in the CdS nanoparticles is observed by UV-vis and photoluminescence measurement.  2006 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA

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