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Implementation of Proper Nutrition in Managing Diabetes-A Review Article

Author(s): Sunandita Ghosh

Diabetes is a disease in which the ability of the body to produce or respond to the hormone, insulin is impaired. There is an increase in the incidence of people affected by diabetes worldwide. Earlier people from developed countries were mostly affected by it but now it is also affecting the people from low and middle income countries. Improper eating habits and sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading reasons for this increase. Diabetes can have major health impacts and can cause premature deaths. As diabetes cannot be cured completely, professionals should come up with different ways in order to delay the onset of the disease or to manage it so that even a diabetes affected individual can lead a healthy life. This review article deals with the type of macronutrients that should be consumed to manage diabetes and also highlights the benefits of Mediterranean diet. The beneficiary effects of Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Self-Management Training has been discussed. As nutrition complexities cannot be individualized, it is essential to consult a dietician before starting any dietary interventions. This shows that implementation of a healthy diet along with modification of lifestyle can help in managing diabetes.

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