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Impacts of impregnation with boron compounds and water repellents on the dimensional stability of scotch pine

Author(s): Boron compounds, Impregnation, Leaching, Stability, Scotch pine.

This study was performed to determine the effects of impregnation with boron compounds andwater repellents on the dimensional stability of wood. For this purpose, the test specimens prepared from scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood whichmet the requirements of TS 345 and TS 1476 standards procedureswere single, double ormulti treated according toASTMD 1413-76 standard procedure with boric acid, borax, polyethyleneglychol- 400, Ba+Bx, Ba+Bx+St compounds, water repellentmaterials; styrene, methyl methacryrilate, izocyonate and commercial impregnation materials; tanalith-CBC, ammoniumsulfate, diamoniumphosphate and vacsol and inspected according to ASTM D 1413-76 standards procedures. As a result, secondary treatmentwithWRMdecreases amount of leachedmaterial.Water absorption ratio ofwood was lowest in the treatment onlywithWRM, boron compounds and in secondary treatment of PEG-400 with WRM. Order of convenience for dimensional stabilitywas likeWRM>(Ba+Bx)+WRM>PEG- 400+WRM>Commercial impregnationmaterials. Order of convenience for volumetric shrinkage efficiencywas like (Ba+Bx)+WRM>PEG-400+WRM> AS, DAP, T-CBC.WRMwas found more successful in leaching prevention when used as a secondary treatment after PEG-400. So, the wood which will be used in open air and high relative humidity conditions, secondary impregnation withWRMis recommended.

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