Identification of bullet holes by scanning electron microscope -A case study

Author(s): Ajitesh Pal, Rajib Majumder, Sudip Debnath, H.K.Pratihari

In all firearmcases ballistics examination are conducted on various physical evidences like fired cartridge case, bullet, firearm,GSRfromshooter, victimÂ’s body and apparels to establish the crime and criminals beyond doubt. Further, with available data from scene of crime could help to reconstruct various aspects of the firing cases. In one case, there was sudden clash between two groups on a petty matter as a result, cross firing from both the groups resulted in death of one person and injuries to some police personnel. In the course of investigation in this case, different firearms, wearing apparels, cartridges and fired bullets seized could help to conduct forensic ballistics examination coupled with scanning electron microscopic analysis of GSR. The examination of GSR found on the body of the garments could undoubtedly identify the cause of bullet holes.

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