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Hysteresis measurements in composite non - magnetic ion substituted Li-ferrite

Author(s): V.J.Deshmukh, S.S.Suryavanshi, K.K.Patankar

Characterization of magnetic cores is an indispensable task in order to securely accomplish the requirements of a power electronic design and prevent failures. The hysteresis cycle of the material is one of the more complex features to characterize due to the well-known nonlinear and memory effects. Lithium ferrites with different cation substitutions have attracted the attention of researchers for a long time and been developed as a replacement for yittrium iron garnet (YIG) due to their low cost. They are important components for the microwave devices and memory core owing to their high Curie temperature, high saturation magnetization and especially hysteresis loop properties offer performance advantage over other spinel structure. In this view an attempt has been made in the present paper to study the hysteresis measurements in Cd, Mn and Ti substituted Li ferrite.

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