Growth and characterization of n-type indium antimonide thin films structure deposited by electron beam evaporation technique

Author(s): Rahul, S.R.Vishwakarma, Ravishankar Nath Tripathi, Aneet Kumar Verma

The indiumantimonide having small band gap is an importantmaterial for IR detectors and sources. The indium antimonide thin film was deposited on glass substrate in the high vacuum chamber at pressure 10-5 torr. To prepare the startingmaterial for fabrication of n-type indiumantimonide thin films, it was grown under vacuum 10-5 torr in vacuum coating unit using Indium (99.999%) andAntimony (99.999%)metal powder as a sourcematerialswith various composition using formula In1-xSbx (where x is variable having value 0.2 to 0.4) for preparation of different composition.X-ray diffraction studies of the samples and its thin films confirmed the polycrystallinity nature and showpreferential orientation along the (111), (220) planes. The particle size (D), dislocation density (ä) and strain( å) were evaluated with XRD data of startingmaterials and its thin films. The particle size increased with increasing of boat temperature & composition ratio (In/Sb) while dislocation density and strain were decreased with increase of boat temperature and composition ratio (In/Sb).

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