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Graft copolymerization of vinyl acetate on gum Arabicusing benzoyl peroxide. Effect of monomer concentration

Author(s): F.Inegbedion, V.U.Okojie, F.Egharevba

The graft copolymerization of vinyl acetate on gum Arabic was studied in the presence of benzoyl peroxide. The effect of monomer concentration over the range 1.62 – 9.76mol/L was investigated. It was found that the graft level increased steadily but the grafting efficiency decreased gradually. At 9.76mol/Lmonomer concentration, the graft levelwas 123.50%with grafting efficiency of 54.60%as compared to a graft level of 108.50% at 1.62mol/L with grafting efficiency of 65.35%. This indicates an increase in the graft level over the monomer concentration range.

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