Giant magnetic anisotropy of Fe3Pt thin films at low temperature

Author(s): M.A.I.Nahid, Takao Suzuki

The Fe3Pt alloy thin films were grown on MgO substrates at the various growth temperatures by e-beam evaporation in a high vacuum. The magnetic properties such as saturationmagnetization, coercivity,magnetic anisotropy etc. of the Fe3Pt alloy thin films were studied as a function of temperature varying in the range of 80Kto 600K.At lowtemperature (80K), the Fe3Pt films possessed giant cubic magnetic anisotropy (K17×106 erg/cc and K22.2×107 erg/cc). The magnetic anisotropy constants of Fe3Pt films were found to decrease slowly with temperature and vanished at Curie temperature. The Curie temperature of Fe3Pt thin films were also studied as a function of ordering. It was observed that higher ordered sample exhibited lower Curie temperature.

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