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Functional components of preparations from squid cartilage and their effect on the expression of lymphocyte activation markers

Author(s): Tatiana Pivnenko, Galina Sukhoverkhova, Tatiana Zaporozhets, Anna Gazha, Lyudmila Ivanushko

There was shown investigation of the composition and biological activity of hydrolyzed squid cartilage designed to create a functional food or biologically active supplements to food and demonstration of their anti-inflammatory effect with the use of biomarkers. To identify the functional constituents present in the preparations the spectrophotometric and chromatographic analysis were performed. Also there were used methods of capillary electrophoresis, inhibitory analysis and different standard methods. The expression of activation markers on the cell surface was assessed by two-color cytometric analysis. There was shown the presence of uronic acids, hexosamines, free disaccharides, collagen and non-collagenic proteins, amino-acids in soluble condition. Fractional composition of solutions determined by HPLC represents protein-carbohydrate conjugate with prevalence compounds with Mw 30-160 kDa. Among free delta-disaccharides the predominance of non-sulfated ones was established, amount of di-sulfated disaccharides was minor and mono and tri-sulfated disaccharides were completely absent. There was established inhibitory effect concerning serine- and metalloproteinases at digestion collagen and casein. There was determinedmoderate anti-inflammatory activity and reduction of expression level of early activation antigens of human peripheral blood lymphocytes.

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