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Freeze dry synthesis and micro-structural properties of optimally Ir-(III) doped-GdBCO semiconducting material

Author(s): Khaled M.Elsabawy, Mohsen M.Al-Qahtany, Khaled Eltwerky

The semiconducting sample with formula Gd0.7Ir 0.3Ba2Cu3Oz was synthesized by using solution route technique to getmaximumhomogeneity inside the bulk of thematerial. Structural andmicrostructural propertiesweremonitoring by using both of XRD and SEM evaluating that gadolinium-based cuprate has the semiconducting tetragonal phase as proved in the X-ray diffractogram, grain size of the material bulk was found to be in between 0.23-0.72m.Magneticmeasurements indicated that the Ir-doped gadolinium cuprate systemexhibits an semiconducting behavior confirming that iridium hole dopings enhance the semi-conduction mechanism of the tetragonal cuprates.

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