Formation of nano quasicrystalline phases by mechanical alloying of ternary systems Al86Cr8Fe6 and Al62.5Cu25Fe12.5

Author(s): S.Ibrahim, A.M.Shamah, F.F.Hanna, L.K.Marei

The formation of the quasicrystalline ternary system Al86Cr8Fe6 and the iphase Al62.5Cu25Fe12.5 by mechanical alloying technique have been investigated. The structural evolution during milling at various stages and after a subsequent annealing are examined by x- ray diffraction technique. No ternary intermetallic phase could be detected during the milling process in the AlCrFe system, but transit types of phases which eventually transformed to amorphous state at the end ofmilling process. The formation ofAl62.5Cu25Fe12.5 quasicrystalline phase has been formed by mechanical alloying followed by thermal treatmentwhichwasmixedwith intermetallic phase,whichwas formed duringmilling.

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