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Ferroelectric and dielectric property of BiFeO3 films on different bottom electrodes

Author(s): Liu Hongri, Wang Xiuzhang

BiFeO3 films have been prepared on LaNiO3, indiumtin oxide (ITO) and Pt bottom electrodes by the sol-gel process. The films on different bottom electrodes were prepared at an annealing temperature of 5500C. X-ray diffraction patterns indicate that all films adopt R3m structure and different orientation on different substrates. No impure phases were identified in the films in different bottom electrodes. Cross section scanning result shows that the thickness of the films is about 350nm. Room temperature ferroelectricity was observed by measuring electric hysteresis loops. The film on LaNiO3 bottom electrodes has the largest double remnant polarization 6.61 C/cm2. The remnant polarizations are 4.14C/cm2 and 4.53C/cm2 for the films on ITO and Pt bottomelectrodes respectively.More over, the films on Pt and ITO bottom electrodes show small dielectric dispersion and the film on ITO bottom electrode has least leakage conduction at the same applied field.

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