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Factors Affecting Quality of Raw Milk and Livestock Health: Status and Perspectivesn

Author(s): Ami Naik*, Hemant Borase

Milk and milk products is major source of revenue generation and basis of livelihood for major percentage of global population. Due to nutritional qualities, taste and health benefits; people have increased the consumption of raw, unpasteurized milk. But, at the same time this raw milk can also be harmful to human health. The milk got contaminated by a variety of pathogens and cattle’s are also got infected with pathogens and parasites, both of which are associated with human illness and diseases. The prevalence of pathogenic organisms in raw milk was demonstrated in many surveys. Emergence of drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria in milk poses a greater public health threats, especially in the children’s and adults. The transfer of antibiotic resistance genes and selection of resistant bacteria in milk can occur through a variety of ways, which not always linked to specific antibiotic use. Various countries are having stringent restrictions on use of antibiotics in dairy cattle care and these restrictions on growth-promoting antibiotics appear to have resulted in decrease in prevalence of drug resistance. Apart from microorganisms, parasites also affect the raw milk yield and quality. Storage and temperature conditions of raw milk preservation are also important factors for quality control. This review is carried out to find reasons behind factors decreasing quality of raw milk such as presence of multidrug resistant bacteria in milk, parasites, and storage conditions. Apart from this discussion is made to reduce such events.

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