Fabrication and performance of hybrid betel nut (Areca catechu) short fibre/ sansevieria cylindrical (Agavaceae) polypropylene composite

Author(s): M.Ashok Kumar, G.Ramachandra Reddy, K.Hemachandra Reddy,Y.Venkata Mohana Reddy, P.Ranga Reddy, N.Subbarami Reddy

The objective of this research was to investigate the mechanical performance (tensile, bending and impact) of Polypropylene (PP) composites filled with betel nut (Areca catechu) short fibre (Bn) at different compositions (3,5,10,20 and 30wt%), using the extrusion and hot pressmolding technique. Results showed that Bn10:PP90 mixture (BnPP) was found better performance among the composites prepared. Because of the suitability of Sansevieria cylindrica (Sc) as a filler in PP composite as shown in our previouswork, Sansevieria cylindrica is subjected to hybridize with betel nut short fibre in fibre in PP composite to achieve superior mechanical performance. Dielectric strength, water sorption capacity, degradation behaviour such as simulating weathering and soil buried test of different composites were also performed.

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