Extraction, isolation and characterization of phyllanthin from Phyllanthus amarus with preliminary phytochemical evaluation of the crude extract

Author(s): Purnima Hamrapurkar, Mitesh Phale, Sandeep Pawar

Phyllanthin is a characterizing compound present in the plant Phyllanthus amarus, used as hepatoprotective. The crude extract of phyllanthin was obtained from P. amarus using solvents of varied polarity. Preliminary phytochemical evaluation was performed on the crude extract obtained by successive extraction. The crude extract confirmed the presence of alkaloids, glycosides, carbohydrates, terpenes, flavonoids, from the tests conducted. The result of bioburden studies performed also was within limits.Adetailed extraction, isolation and characterizationmethod was also optimized for phyllanthin. Soxhlet extraction; followed by Preparative Thin Layer chromatography (PTLC) and characterization by spectral studies was conducted on the methanolic extract. The spectral studies conducted on the extract after isolation confirmed the presence of phyllanthin.

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