Experimental studies of the amorphous to crystalline transition of Fe79B16Si5 , Fe78B13Si9

Author(s): M.Ghaffour, B.Benbahi, B.Abidri, M.Elchikh, S.Hiadsi

The transformation fromthe as quenched amorphous to the crystalline state of iron based metallic glasseswith the following composition Fe79B16Si5 and Fe78B13Si9 has been investigated by electrical resistivity measurements and x-ray diffraction. Sampleswere continuously heated fromroomtemperature up to beyond the crystallization temperature of these amorphous alloys using constant heating rates. The onset of crystallization was marked by a steep decrease in resistivity upon further increase in temperature. The final products of crystallization were found to be  Fe (Si) solid solution, Fe2B tetragonal and Fe3B orthorhombic.

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