Evaluation of Schiff’s bases synthesised from2-hydrazinobenzimidazole as corrosion inhibitor of copper inH2SO4

Author(s): P.K.Kar, A.K.Panda, N.Behera, P.K.Das, A.K.Panda

The corrosion inhibition effects of newly synthesised Schiff’s bases from2- hydrazinobenzimidazole for copper in 1N sulphuric acid was evaluated using weight loss and Tafel polarisaton method. The interaction of these molecules with the copper was studied by FTIR method. The inhibitive action of the Schiff’s bases was due to their adsorption on the metal surface. The inhibitor efficiency was found to depend on the charge density on the atoms of the functional group. The Schiff’s bases were found to be acting as anodic inhibitors.

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