Essential Oil From Marchantia Convoluta

Author(s): Jian Bo Xiao, Hui Cao, Feng Lian Ren, Ming Xu

Extracts from Marchantia convoluta were obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and petrol ether extraction methods. The extracts were analyzed by capillary gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detector (GC-MS). The compounds were identified according to their retention indices and mass spectra (EI, 70 eV). The effects of different parameters, such as pressure, temperature, modifier volume and extraction time, on the supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) of Marchantia convoluta were investigated. A total of eleven compounds accounting for 73.62% of SFE extracts were identified. 22,23-dihydrostigmasterol (31.26%), n-hexadecanoic acid (20.35%), stigmasterol (4.55%) and octadecanoic acid (5.75%) were the major compounds identified in Marchantia convoluta SFE extracts. The SFE method has been compared with petrol ether extraction (PEE) method. SFE products were found to be markedly different from the corresponding petrol ether extract. A total of ten compounds accounting for 74.04% of PEE extract were identified. Hexadecanoic acid ethyl ester (36.97%), ethyloleate (10.47%), E-11-hexadecenoic acid ethyl ester (9.77%) and linoleic acid ethyl ester (4.63%) were the major compounds identified.

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