Environmentally friendly extracts from Eucalyptus citriodora Hook. and Pinus caribaea Morelet their application in the control of the biofilms in biodeterioration on paper

Author(s): Paola Lavin, Sandra G.Gomez de Saravia, Jose de la Paz Naranjo, Patricia A.Battistoni, Patricia S.Guiamet

Biodeterioration of archivalmaterials involves alteration of physicochemical and mechanical properties by organisms. This causes loss of aesthetic properties and irreversible degradation of documents. Since ancient times, extracts of plants have been used as antimicrobials in various fields. The use of such environmentally friendly products in the biodeterioration field is viable and has economic, environmental and ecological advantages. The aims of this research were: i) qualitative identification of secondary metabolites in natural extracts of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook. and Pinus caribaea Morelet, ii) evaluation of the biocidal activity of the extracts on adherence to paper and biofilmformation by Bacillus sp., iii) evaluation of the antimicrobial effects of the extracts on Bacillus sp. and Bacillus thuringiensis isolated fromarchivalmaterials. Compounds identified in the extracts included alkaloids, cumarines, flavonoids, phenols, tannins, terpenes and steroids. The antimicrobial activity was studied by the agar diffusion technique. Significant holes of inhibition were obtained.Aged papers adsorbed with extracts in the presence of Bacillus sp were tested. A decrease ofmicroorganisms adhesion and biofilmformation to paper adsorbed with extracts was observed.

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