Enhancement of d.c. ionic conductivity in KNO3-Al2O3 composite solid electrolyte system.

Author(s): M.V. Madhava Rao, S.Narender Reddy, A.Sadananda Chary

The composite solid electrolyte, KNO3 dispersed with alumina (Al2O3), has been investigated through XRD, DSC and D.C. Ionic Conductivity techniques. The composite containing 10 m/o alumina exhibits maximum conductivity, about 2 orders of magnitude higher than that of pure KNO3. The enhanced conductivity is attributed to the excess cation vacancies generated in the space charge region of the matrix phase surrounding the alumina particles as a consequence of stabilization of cations at the dispersoid surface due to internal adsorption. XRD and DSC studies reveal that there was no new phase formed.

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