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Elimination of organic pollutant (Acetic acid) by adsorption on clays in aqueous solution: Kinetic study and adsorption isotherms

Author(s): Y.Morad,M.Hilali, L.Bazzi, A.Chaway

Everyone now agrees that our planet goes wrong. She will face a dramatic increase in demand for water in the near future. But if it comes to that today is because of our irresponsible behavior vis-à-vis this nature that we have not adhered to its fair value. Indeed, with technological progress combined with a population growth, water demand has increased. This generating capacity is exceeded due to our releases. Indeed, industrial, agricultural and domestic effluents origin is often responsible for low or non-biodegradable pollutants.Their impact on the flora and fauna is veryharmful.The elimination of these pollutants can be achieved by adsorption ofmaterials cost, research has focused on the adsorption of acetic acid on clays. Studies in “batch method” were used to determine the contact time (1 hour for the yellow clay with removal efficiency of 41.25% and 2 hours for the gray clay with 35% elimination substrate at a concentration of 0.2 mol / l). However improving the removal efficiency can vary under the influence of some parameters: temperature, concentration of adsorbate in solution, time, mass of adsorbent and pH revealed a significant improvement in capacity and the rate of adsorption of acetic acid on the media. In addition, the adsorption of this compound iswell described by kinetic models of Langmuir and Freundlich. As the adsorption kinetics is well described by the model pseudo-second ordermodel.

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