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Electron-beam induced modifications of optical and dielectric properties of polypropylene films

Author(s): R.D.Mathad, H.G.Harish Kumar, S.Basavaraj, S.Ganesh, K.S.S.Sarama

Polypropylene (PP) filmswere irradiatedwith 8MeVelectron beamradiation at varied doses in the range 0-20 kGy in order to investigate the modifications in its optical and dielectric properties. The variations in the optical band gap and activation energy were determined from the UV-Vis absorption spectra of the pristine and the irradiated PP films at different doses of electron radiation. The results showed that optical band gap and activation energy decreased with the increase in electron irradiation. The results further revealed that the dielectric constant, the dielectric loss and the ac conductivity enhanced with increase in the dose of electron radiation.

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