Electron-beam induced modifications of low density polyethylene

Author(s): R.D.Mathad, H.G.Harish Kumar, S.Basavaraj, S.Ganesh, K.S.S.Sarama

Post irradiation studies have been carried out to elucidate the effects of electron-beam irradiation on the structural, optical, dielectric and thermal properties of low density polyethylene (LDPE) films. The modifications in the optical band gap and activation energy have been investigated as a function of electron radiation dose usingUV-Vis absorption spectra of LDPE films. The spectral analysis showed a decrease in both the optical band gap and activation energy Further the dielectric measurements indicated a slight increase in the dielectric constant and the ac conductivity of the LDPE films upon electron irradiation. The thermal analysis carried out byDSC and TGA revealed that the melting temperature, degree of crystallinity and thermal stability of the LDPE films increased, obviously, due to the predominant cross linking following high doses of electron radiation.

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