Electrochemical Studies On The Acidic Dissolution Of Carbon Steel In The Presence Of Inhibitors

Author(s): H.A.El-Dahan, T.Y.Soror and N.G.El-Sayed Ammer

The effect of two corrosion inhibitors-namely, N,N′-dibenzyl ethane diammonium chloride and N,N′-dibenzyl butane diammonium chloride in 5% HCl under hot conditions has been studied by surface and electrochemical polarization measurements. Results obtained revealed that these better in 5% HCl at elevated temperatures. Tafel polarization studies showed that these inhibitors are anodic type inhibitors. Surface analysis using EDS measurement and SEM for the film formed and surface morphology showed high coverage of inhibitors on the carbon steel surface. The adsorption of these inhibitors on the C-steel surface in acidic media followed a Langmuir-adsorption isotherm.  2006 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA

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