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Electrochemical properties of pulsed laser deposited LiCoO2 thin film cathodes

Author(s): M.C.Rao

Thin films of LiCoO2 were prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique. Two important deposition parameters such as substrate temperature and oxygen partial pressure during the thin film deposition were controlled. Electrochemical measurements were carried out on Li//LiCoO2 cells with a lithium metal foil as anode and a LiCoO2 film as cathode of 1.5 cm2 active area. Cyclic voltammetry (CV)measurements have been carried out at sweep rate  = 1 mVs-1. The Li//LiCoO2 cells were tested in the potential range 2.6 – 4.2V. Specific capacity as high as 205mC/cm2mwasmeasured for the filmgrown at 700 0C.

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