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Electrochemical andmagnetic properties of electrodeposited nanostructured macroporous cobalt films using polystyrene sphere templates

Author(s): I.S.El-Hallag

The electrodeposition synthesis of highly ordered macroporous films of cobalt with regular arrays of spherical poreswith diameter o.2, 0.5, 0.75 and 1 um was carried out into the interstitial spaces of a template formed by polystyrene latex spheres self-assembled on gold electrodes to produce a highly periodic, hexagonal close packed, interconnected network of monodisperse spherical pores within the metal film, the size of which is determined by the diameter of the polystyrene latex particles used to prepare the template. Nanostructure of the films is studied by scanning electronmicroscopy, also the magnetic studies of the films are carried out by Aerosonic 3001 vibrating samplemagnetmeter.

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