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Electrical properties ofAu /n -Si,Au/n-GaAs,Au/n-InPschottky diodes

Author(s): R.K.Singh

The schottky barrier diode fabricated by vaccum deposition ofAu on n-Si (bulk), n-GaAS (L.P.E,), & n-InP (bulk) have been studied for their device performance bymeans of I-V&C-Vmeasurements.Aluminumwas used to make ohmic contacts on n-Si&Gold Indiumalloywas used tomake ohmic contacts on n-GaAs&InP. Electrical properties such as donar concentration Nd, barrier high (ÖB), Depletion width (W) have been calculated. In Particular, method of improving the performance ofAu/n-InP had been discussed & its ideality factor (ç) was reported.

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