Electrical properties of alizarin doped anthraquinone:Impedance spectroscopy analysis

Author(s): K.P.Chandra, L.N.Mandal, K.Prasad

The electrical properties of organicmixture anthraquinone-0.6%alizarinwere investigated by the complex impedance spectroscopy technique. A transition from semiconducting to conducting state is observed. The dielectric relaxation is found to be of non-Debye type. Evidences of temperaturedependent electrical relaxation phenomena and negative temperature coefficient of resistance (NTCR) character of the sample are observed. The ac conductivity obeys the power law. AC conductivity analysis indicated the possibility of hopping mechanism for electrical transport processes in the system. The activation energy, density of states at Fermi level and minimum hopping distance are estimated from ac conductivity data.

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